Carolyn "Sylvene" Koh ~ Wordsmith

A Short Bio: "Sylvene" has been the online identify of Carolyn Koh for the past twenty years. Some of her writing exists out there with a former last name and some with the nom de plume of Sylvene Firebrand - the name of her EverQuest character.

Published at the ripe old age of nine by a local children's magazine, Carolyn has had articles, poems and short stories accepted for school publications throughout her educational years. She has participated in Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games since the days of MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons) when she discovered the internet during her college days. With the launch of the revolutionary EverQuest by Verant & 989 Studios (later Sony Online Entertainment) in 1999, she went from playing the games to organizing massive in-game events and then participating in their Guide program – a Guide is a volunteer version of a GM (Game Master) with reduced powers.

Carolyn began writing for Stratics in 1999, first by providing game FAQs and guides, then Q&As and developer interviews for EverQuest, moving to Managing Editor for their EverQuest II site before becoming a part of their Developer Relations team and eventually the Director of that team.

In late 2005, she parted ways with Stratics and in 2006, began writing for In 2007, she dove head-first into the world of Casual Games and enjoyed the diversity of covering Casual Games, Children's Games as well as Mobile Games. As the number of Game Magazines began to dwindle, she began writing for Pop Culture and Lifestyle magazines.


Contact: carol at sylvene dot com.