When you explore... expect to be caught

From her 3rd floor bedroom, Amy heard the front door close. She put down her book and looked at her watch. Seven o’clock. Her heart rate picked up as she thought of what she was about to do.

Picking up her empty dinner plate and glass, she nudged her door open and padded down the wooden stairs on bare feet. As she washed her plate and glass in the kitchen sink, she could heard the throaty roar of Roger’s Porsche Boxter as he backed out of the garage, then the garage door closing.

She looked at her watch again. She had about three hours or four hours. Plenty of time. Even if Roger did bring home his date, she would have time to make herself scarce. Her landlord would never know that she had been in his private rooms. She had a pretty good deal; lucked out actually, to get a room in the heart of Georgetown. The 3rd floor was basically a large attic, and she had kitchen and washer/dryer privileges. She didn’t mind doing a little cleaning for Roger either, which he took off her rent. He was basically a neat guy. It was a great house, and she had seen every room, but for his private rooms. She had never been curious about them either. Until Janice found out where she lived.

“You live with Roger Tannebaum!?”
“Er… no. I rent a room from him.”
“Girl!” Janice had rolled her eyes dramatically.
“I would kill to live with him.”
Amy had gotten annoyed. Frowning as she repeated herself.
“I don’t live with him, Janice. I rent a room from him. Besides… he’s not my type.”

No, he was not her type, and she was not his. She was small, dark and petite. He was easily six foot two, blonde and of demi-god attractiveness. He dated girls like Janice. Tall, willowy, with boobs out to there. Girls who did the gym thing and went to rock concerts. She liked long walks and sinking into a chair with a cup of tea, a good book and Mozart on the radio.

“Girl! He’s everybody’s type! He’s gorgeous and has a bod and a wallet to die for.”
Amy had rolled her eyes then.
“After I complete my dissertation, maybe I’ll look at him.”
Janice had looked at her slyly.
“I used to date him, you know.”
“He has the most fascinating bedroom.”
Amy had shrugged.
“And play room…”

That was what had her hooked. Janice had gone on to drop broad hints, obviously wanting to tell all. But she didn’t want to know all… just what was in that “play room” and now was the chance for her to investigate.

She had made a casserole the day before, and mentioned to Roger in the morning that she needed help eating it. But he told her he had a date that night. So she froze the remainder, and made plans to snoop.

She tried the door. It was locked. She would have to enter through Roger’s bedroom. She paused outside, fighting with her conscience. It was one thing to investigate a “play room” but another to go into his bedroom. Well… it was more like going through his bedroom…

She turned the handle and the door opened smoothly. Her heart in her throat, she looked around swiftly. He had a humongous antique looking iron bed. Really nice. There were a few doors. Closet, bathroom, which was the interconnecting door?

She went through the closest which was slightly ajar. The door opened smoothly, silently. The shades were pulled down on the windows and the room was in shadows. She could smell rich leather. Like the leather couch in the front parlor, but stronger. Moving her hand along the wall, she found a bank of switches. Her fingers rested on the dial of a dimmer switch. She turned it up slowly.

Bingo! She looked around fascinated and tried different switches. There were spot lights that lit up each piece of equipment and she turned each up and down. She could feel excitement brewing in her.

She trailed her fingers over the leather bench. Sitting on it, she stretched out her arms and rested her fingers on the manacles. They were lined with padded velvet. A little farther than her arms could reach. Of course! She giggled. For ladies his size. Like tall, long-limbed Janice.

Did she dare explore the cupboards? No… she didn’t want to accidentally disturb any contents or re-arrange things. She posed in what seemed to be a door frame and laughed as she caught sight of herself in a mirror. She would fit just right! Yeah! Right!

She played with a studded steel dog collar which was lined with padded velvet. There were matching manacles. She dropped them suddenly, clasping her hands to her flushed face. She needed to calm down. She was getting much too hot. Reading erotica was nothing compared to actually touching the toys.

Oh… what was this? Paired manacles. This time, lined with leather. She thought anyway, trying to reach them. They were on a bar that was attached to a solid upright support. Moveable. Customizable. She could barely reach them on her tiptoes and didn’t want to move them. What would it be like? To be manacled like that?

Her part a pitta-pat in her chest, she turned more lights on and found a padded footstool. Pushing it under the contraption, she went back to the bank of lights and fiddled around with them until she found the spot for it. The steel glinted in the warm yellow light.

Her nipples were already tight and she was wet from just her imagination. She positioned the mirror and then stepped on the stool. Ah… perfect. Just above her head now. She played with the cuffs. They seemed simple enough. They snapped on and off. She snapped one around a wrist and placed her other wrist in the other, leaving it open, merely feeling the leather against her skin. Stretching and lifting her boobs.

Mmm… what would her imaginary lover do to her? What would he look like? He would be dark. Dark hair, sensuous lips. Not too tall, and he would be lean and wiry. She didn’t like her men big and bulky... like Roger. His handsome image appeared in her mind and she opened her eyes and shook her head. Nope. Lean! And dark. Dark hair… dark eyes…. He would play with her sensuously while she stood helpless, displayed for his pleasure. She pulled up her tee shirt and the tank top underneath with her free hand, exposing her breasts.

She looked absolutely wicked. The spot light was just bright enough to illuminate her bare flesh in warm glowing tones. Her nipples stood proud on her firm breasts. Her belly button shaded into mystery.

He would play with her nipples just so. She rubbed her nipples. Over and over… until she begged for more. For him to suck on them. To kiss other parts of her.

She wriggled, tightening her thighs. Oh… she was so wet. Well. He would like that too. She unsnapped her jeans. He would play with her body. Trailing his fingers up and down her torso. Tugging her jeans down slowly. Teasing her.

She slid her other hand up into the manacles again and closed her eyes. Wriggling, rubbing her thighs together deliciously. Oh… he would torment her with pleasure.

A car door slammed. Amy jerked. What was that? Roger couldn’t be back already? She had to get out! She tugged. The manacle held tight. Snug around her wrist. No! She shook her hand frantically. It couldn’t have. She tried the other. It was held fast like it was previously. No… calm down… relax… If she were quiet, he wouldn’t know. And she would have time to free herself.

Roger slammed the door of his car and stalked into his house. It was barely eight thirty. He had been stood up. Definitely not something he was used to experiencing. He had ended up having an appetizer and a salad. He was not hungry for more. He dropped his coat on a chair as he walked into the kitchen. Maybe a glass of milk, a couple of Oreos and then… he shrugged. Oh well. Get comfy, watch a movie or read a book. Early night…

He had stripped off his shirt and had stepped out of his pants when he heard a small sound. Halting his actions, he listened. What was that? There were no lights on upstairs, so Amy was probably out. He opened his closet and pulled out a five iron.

Stepping out into the hallway in his bare feet, he looked around. The house was quiet. He listened again. He heard the radio of a passing car, a dog barking in the distance and the quiet of the neighborhood.

Quite a sight you make, Tannebaum. He told himself silently as he began to feel foolish standing in his hallway, naked but for a pair of briefs and wielding a golf club. He put the golf club back into his closet, and then froze. There it was again! He was not imagining things. It was coming from the annex to his bedroom. He dimmed the lights in his bedroom and opened the door slowly.

Amy was beginning to panic. How did she do that to herself? She was resting now, panting slightly from her exertions. Maybe if she raised herself high enough so that she could see how she had trapped herself. How the manacles worked. Did she have the strength? It had been years since she did chin-ups. She twisted her wrists around and clenched them. Then curling them, she lifted her legs and began to pull herself up… and shrieked out loud when warm hands pressed on her naked waist to assist her.

“Hello Amy. Having a little trouble?”
“Roger! Uh… I was… I was uh… trying out your… um… exercise equipment. Uhh… I hope you don’t mind…” her voice trailed off in embarrassment.
He chuckled in her ear.
“First time I’ve heard of it referred to in that way. But there is some truth to that description.”

Dear lord… he was naked! No… he had briefs on. Their reflection in the mirror was a disturbingly erotic sight. She could feel the heat of his body up her back and he was running his hands caressingly up and down her torso. Making her skin tingle, her nipples harden. Oh, dear lord…

“You know, Amy?”
His breath was a hot caress against her ear.
“What?” Was that her? So breathless and throaty?
“You’ve got some nice large breasts for a bitty little thing like you.”
She squeaked as he cupped her breasts and began playing with her nipples.
He was nuzzling her neck.
“Ahh… I… uhh… you… ohhh!”

She writhed. She loved having her neck nibbled on. She was incoherently begging. But he continued to play with her nipples and nibbling on her neck. Trailing his lips up one side then the other. Murmuring encouragement.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you? You sweet thing. How about this? Or this?”
He twisted her nipples.
“Do you like this better? Or this?”
He brushed her nipples with his thumbs. Up and down…. Up and down… Then he left her. And she protested weakly. Only the manacles were holding her upright.

“Did you know?”
He asked conversationally as he walked round to face her. “That this moves? You didn’t have to stand on a stool.”

She nodded weakly and stammered slightly as she replied.
“I… I didn’t want to disturb anything.”
He chuckled.
“Let me show you.”
She waited, but to her surprise, he didn’t lower them but raised them. Until she was stretched on her tip toes on the stool.
He smiled and kicked the stool away.

The manacles held tight. He stood in front of her, his feet braced apart and pulled her to him, his hands on her back raising her breasts for his delectation. He suckled on one, eliciting a scream of pleasure from her. Then treated the other to the same until she was shuddering from delight.

“Lucky girl… such sensitive nipples.”
“Oh.. oh…”
“Some candy for me now, I think.”
He let her hang there and stripped off his briefs. She stared. Oh my… he was… huge…
“Uhh… Roger?”
He was playing with her jeans. Tugging gently, sliding his fingers around and dipping under the waistband, pushing gently.
“You are… ummm…”
He suckled on a nipple again.
“Ohh…” She threw her head back. He was going to drive her crazy. He was pushing down her underwear with her jeans ever so slowly. Taking his sweet time, while licking and suckling on her nipples.
“Mmm… you have the nicest breasts…”
He was blowing on her wet nipples.
“… and the most sensitive nipples I’ve tasted in a while.”
He took a nipple in his teeth, shocking her slightly.
Then he was soothing it with lips and tongue.
“You were saying?”
Her pubis was exposed now, and he was caressing it, running his fingers through the hair, then around to trace the cleavage of her derrière.
“Umm… yes… you…”
He dipped a finger in the wetness between her nether lips.
She screamed. Softly… quietly…
He grinned.
“You are such a delight.”

He tugged her jeans lower. They were down to her thighs now. And he was caressing her thighs and kissing them. She moaned with pleasure. Was he going to? He was kissing her pelvis. The tops of her thighs. Nuzzling the hair of her pubis. She ached and made small thrusting movements.

“Greedy, greedy.”

Tugging her jeans off, he stood up and kissed her, his hands once again playing with her breasts. Her senses were exploding and she kissed him back hungrily. Her tongue greedy for his.

When he finally broke off, she realized that she was rubbing her legs around him, trying to pull him to her. He slid his hands onto her bottom and brought her full to him. She gasped at the heat as slid her up and down his head without penetrating her. Whimpering at the torture, she thrust at him.

“Candy for me first.”
With that, he slid himself deep within her.
She screamed again. Finally! Oh… he was so hot! And he filled her so full!

“Ahhhh… so wet you are.”
He held her tight, savoring her slick heat.
“You know what’s better that a hot, wet pussy?”
He was controlling her slightly frantic movements.
”A tight, dripping, hot, wet pussy.”

He began to thrust in her. Deliberate, slow, long strokes, showing her how to ride him in that position. The manacles and her legs around his hips gave her the support she needed, and it freed his hands to play with her nipples.

She tried to ride him faster, but he wouldn’t let her. Controlling and prolonging the pleasure. She was begging incoherently, mindlessly before he increased the pace until she exploded into ecstasy and brought him his own pleasure.

When sanity returned, she was still wrapped around him and he was nuzzling her neck.
“What a sweet little bitty thing you are, Amy.”
He chuckled, shaking them both.
“Who would have thought…”

She blushed. Embarrassed all over again and ducked her head, but he lifted her chin and kissed her thoroughly before lifting her off and lowering the manacles until she could stand on her own two feet.

“Now… let me show you what else this can do. It rotates, see?”
He lowered the manacles, rotating them and bringing her hands down in front of her.
“Better? Get that blood back in your hands.”
She nodded.
Then he lowered them again.
“Oh… what are you…?”
“Hmm… let’s see.”

He had brought them so low she was crouched over. Before she knew what he was about, he lifted her and she found herself with her bottom in the air, her feet off the ground, her stomach resting on… something. Roger nodded at the sight. He adjusted the height of the manacles so she was better balanced on the padded stool.

“That will work.”

Unable to help herself, she wriggled. What was he doing? She could hear him opening cupboards.

“What will work?”
“The position for your punishment.”
She yelped.
”Mmmm… little girls shouldn’t wander around private rooms.”
”Nooo…. I’m sorry!”
She struggled in fright.
“Roger! You’re not going to..? I didn’t mean…”
His hand caressed her bottom.
“Do you think I’d really hurt you?”
She realized she was shaking and her voice quavered.
“Well… I… I don’t know.”

He laid down the paddle and the nipple clamps. Maybe another time. He eyed her. She was too cute lying there with her bottom in the air for him to leave alone though. He bent over.

She squealed.
“What are you doing?”
He was kissing her bottom and it was deliciously arousing.
She could hear laughter in his voice.
“Such a cute little ass.”
He teased, nipping her lightly.
She jumped.
Then his hot tongue was soothing the bite. Ohh… he was going to kill her!

He finally straightened and eyed her speculatively. What was he going to do with her? He grinned. He’d show her the ropes. Laughing softly at his own wit, he raised the manacles and set her upright on the stool, stealing a swift kiss before walking to the cupboards.

“Let me show you my toys.”
He was saying conversationally as opened the cupboards.
“This thing you’re on has a bunch of accessories.”
He was showing her what looked like a rod with manacles on each end.
“Ankle clamps.”
Lifting an ankle, he clamped a manacle around it, then the other. She was spread wide. “Then you can either use a chain or a rope to go through the ring here, and attach them to the same rod that holds the wrist clamps.”
He adjusted the tie until her ankles were raised high in the air and she was openly displayed.
Roger grinned.
“and now…”
Hooking the footstool with an ankle, he sat on it and settled himself in front of her.

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