The Consequences of Duelling

The tremor unbalanced her enough that she stumbled. She managed to throw another knife, seeking not so much as to strike, but distract. The wizard dodged easily, his familiar striking the flying metal aside. But it bought her enough time regain her balance and to close in on him again. Her foot flew out in a round kick which struck him a good blow. He grunted in pain and retreated again. That was the wizard’s best strategy. To stay out of her reach and hurl spells at her. If she caught him, he was as good as dead.

She spun again; her long braid whipped around and caught his familiar across the chest. The dragonet squealed. It had not expected the spiked tip at the tail of her braid. She grinned. One out of the fight.

He was readying another spell when she struck out at him with her fists. Then something caught an ankle and she stumbled to her knees.

No! Not the earth bonds. She hissed in anger and tried to kick her feet free but only succeeded in falling forward. The moment her hands touched the ground, more tentacles sprang from the earth and twined themselves around her hands and up her arms.

“Bastard! That’s not fair!”

She knew what would follow and struggled against the bonds.

“You keep doing this to me!”

“Mmm… so I do.”

“Don’t you touch me!”

A deep chuckle.

“Isn’t that the purpose of these duels? So you can lay your hands on me?”

“Me! Not you!”

The entwining roots grasped her flesh tightly. There was no escape. She was already breathing fast from the exertion of the duel and now her heart began to race as she felt his hands on her.

“So… to the victor, belong the spoils.”

“Why don’t you just throw a damn fireball at me?”

Another deep chuckle.

“Now… what fun would that be?”

He was stripping her. His long nimble fingers slipping her tight leather pants off with ease.

She wriggled, earning herself a slap on her nether cheeks.

“Be still.”

“I will not!”

His hands were undoing her leather halter now. She began to curse.

He laughed out loud now.

“You are not my mother, but I certainly am going to be fucking you and you are going to squeal like you always do. Scream and squirm and tell me to fuck you harder.”

His hands were caressing her bare breasts now. He had the smooth hands of a magic user. Soft smooth skin which slid over her flesh like hot silk. He pinched her nipples, making her gasp from the pleasure.

“I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!”

“Oh, but yes you will. Like you always do.”

She could feel the silk of his robes brushing over her bare skin. Then he was nibbling on the back of her neck. Oh… how she liked that. She could feel his erection against her bare rump. Cradled heat between her cheeks. She moaned softly. She was getting wet. Very wet.

“You like being manhandled. Mastered.”

“Not by a skinny, no good, finger waggling…”

“Skinny is it?”

He shoved his thick cock up her wet sheath.


Ahhh…. How she did love that position… he was all around her… over her... inside her… he slid one hand between her thighs.

She screamed softly, arching her back in an effort to escape him. To no avail.

“Like that finger waggling?”


“Tell me yes.”


He began thrusting hard against her. His loins slapping hard against her rump.

“Hard enough for you?”

“No! I mean… Yes! Uhh… No!”

He was slamming into her. Hard and fast. She whimpered and tried to still her movements. Biting her lips to prevent herself from crying out in pleasure.

“You are my bitch, aren’t you?”


He eased his movements but she continued thrusting.

“Nooooo! Damn you! Don’t stop now!”

“Tell me yes then, and I’ll fuck you as hard as you like.”

Her nipples and clit were throbbing. Her body seeking fulfillment. He was fingering her again. She whimpered and thrust backward against him harder. Trying to squeeze him. To take all of him in her. To ride his hard shaft like she wanted.

“Naughty girl.”

His breath hot in her ear.

“You like my finger waggling.”

He teased her. Rubbing his fingers over her clitoris. Over and over. Gently. Slowly.

“Don’t you?”

She moaned softly.

“Don’t you?”

She was going to die if he didn’t stop teasing her and start fucking her again… and hard.

“Yes.” She whimpered. “Yes.”

He thrust hard against her.

“Like that?”


“Again?” He withdrew and thrust again.

“Yes! Harder!”

Her cries came in rhythm with his thrusts until she came. Her back arched, her head thrown back and her body stilled, a silent scream caught in her open mouth, suspended in a frozen acme of ecstasy, then she convulsed, a scream of release spilling from her as she shuddered in orgasm.

He followed her there, slamming into her until his own release spilled over, his hoarse cries of pleasure mingling with hers.

“Mmm…. You know what, Baby?”


She was gasping for breath, trembling from the force of her climax. Thank the goddess for the magical roots that still held her tight and held her up. She could feel his heaving chest, the slither of silk over her heated skin. He was still within her and all around her, his breath hot against her neck making her shiver anew as he spoke.

“We need to duel more often.”

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