Breaking up a journey

She was humming softly and he recognized the tune. It was a naughty little ditty that was being sung in the taverns. He smiled to himself over the top of her head as the horse moved swiftly along. He could get used to this. He had thought long and hard before he decided to part with his hard-earned coin and bought the swiftest horse he could afford. Indeed, he had liked the convenience so much that he had suggested that she buy one too. She wouldn’t purchase one however, citing the cost, declaring that it was naught but a status symbol, and she would have none of it. When pressed, however, she had confessed blushingly that she had ne’er seen more than a hundred gold in her purse and an elven steed cost a good platinum. She had saved over five to purchase a magical bag of holding, and then funded a quest for her cousin. She was not one to buy and sell, preferring to give away the treasures she could not use.

For a high-elf of her background, her needs and wants were amazingly simple. He grinned… apart from her robes, that is. She had the most amazing collection of robes he had ever seen. He swore that half her bag of holding was filled up with robes. Robes she had outgrown and had seen better days but could not bear to give away or destroy. Well… she used some for sleeping gowns when they camped out in the wilds. They were worn and threadbare, and he had no worries if they ripped a little while he was persuading her out of them.

They seldom traveled together and this was indeed very pleasant. She sat in front of him, resting against him when she tired. Even if she bought her own horse, he decided, he would suggest her riding with him in this manner again. He nuzzled her neck and hugged her, making her giggle then purr in contentment. They were passing farmland now and he looked at the haystacks and then at her speculatively before heaving a sigh.

“What?” she asked.

He grinned wickedly.

“Nothing, sweetheart.”

She wouldn’t. Not out in the wilds. Even in the dark, it took his sweetest persuasions. In broad daylight? He heaved another sigh of regret, then she smiled and turned, placing a sweet kiss on his lips. Well… he thought… perhaps… he made his mind up with a grin and with a kick of his heel, his horse moved off the well-traveled road and began to cut across the field.

“Short-cut” was all he offered when she looked at him curiously. He scanned their surroundings carefully, and then pulled up by a promising haystack. It was full and high. With a shake of the bridle, he dismounted. Pulling her off, he tossed her into the haystack without ceremony and dived in after her.

Ardyyth shrieked in surprise as she landed in the haystack, sinking in the silky stuff.


She voiced her protests as he appeared in the haystack on top of her and began kissing her, his hands busy with the front of her robe.

“What are you doing?”

“Undressing you.”

“Ohhhh no you are not! We’re in the middle of a field! In bright daylight! You are not stripping me naked!”


She stilled in surprise at his quick capitulation, but began her struggles anew when she realized he had not stopped.

“Wait! I thought you said okay!”

Emmedain was kissing his love, a devilish grin on his face. He had succeeded in baring her breasts and was reveling in his bounty, rubbing her taut nipples and tasting them with lips and tongue, making her gasp with pleasure despite her soft protests.

“Methinks, my lady doth protest overmuch.”

She giggled softly.

“Ohhh… you said you’d stop undressing me.”

“I did stop.”

He enjoyed her sensitive breasts a little more before pulling at her skirts. She could feel his hands on her thighs and her breath came faster.

“Mmmm… ohhh… what are you doing now?” she protested breathlessly.

He grinned wickedly even as he loosened his own clothing.

“You don’t have to be naked.” He murmured between passionate kisses.

“We just need to…”


“the important bits.”

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