Not What They Seem

She had been thinking of this a while. He had quite a repute as a lady’s man. Handsome, well formed and muscular as a monk would be... Quite the gentleman, so the ladies flocked to him. True… he was always in the company of ladies, often several at a time and he often left with one on each arm. But… she wondered…


“Ahhhhhh…” The monk sighed with pleasure as he sank into the hot water. There was nothing quite like a tub of hot water to ease away the aches of the day’s hunt. Closing his eyes, he lay there soaking forgetting time until an errant chill breeze made him aware of his surroundings again.

Brrr… where did that come from? Ah well, he’d better clean up before the water cooled too much. He opened his eyes and sat up reluctantly. He was reaching for his soap and wash cloth when he realized that he was not alone.

“Mmmm… sandalwood. A good choice.” A feminine voice purred huskily.

He gaped at the high-elf who was perched on the edge of his tub, holding his soap and wash cloth.

“Need a hand?” She enquired smoothly.

He stammered. “Lady! Uhh… you’d get wet… er… ruin your robe!”

“Well then… I shall have to take it off, shan’t I?”

His mouth dropped open further as she stood up, opened her robe and allowed it to slip off her shoulders and pool on the floor.

His color and errant body rose in response as she stepped back toward him, leaned over and began to wash his chest and shoulders.

“Uhh…” Shocked pleasure curled up his body. His voice was not working so he clutched at her hands. The soap fell with a liquid plop into the tub.

“Oops… now see what you’ve made me do.”

She slid a soap-slippery hand out of his easily and slid it down his body into the tub.

“Lady! You… uh… I….”

She looked up at him and smiled.


He had clamped his hands on the sides of the tub but was unable to escape without offending propriety and modesty, nor was he sure he wished to escape. His mouth worked again as he tried to force words past his pleasure fogged brain.

“That… that is not the soap.”

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