Oh, when I was seventeen sir, sweet seventeen was I.
I spied a lad upon the road, full handsome to the eye.
Killing goblins he was sir, ridding them from the isle.
As was I, as bidden, killing the goblins vile.

I slew the goblins fast sir, dancing across the lea
With bloodied sword and songs. Songs of victory.
I sang a song of war, cried victory to the sky.
He turned and asked to join me, by and by.

With sword and song we fought as a team
Flawless, seamless, like a dream.
Quests and rewards did we achieve
As goblin heads we smashed and cleaved.

A fine lad he was sir, a barbarian warrior strong.
So I thought to Ensnare him with a beguiling song.
I hid my Dirty Tricks and drew an innocent Mask.
Hoping for a Lucky Break, I sweetly asked:

“Brave warrior wilt thou fight with me?
And travel to Qeynos across the sea?
To Qeynos I would hie this day
And as a Citizen to find my way.”

“Sweet bard, with songs that inspire.
To Qeynos I myself doth aspire.
I would like and shall fight with thee
And hie to Qeynos across the sea.”

Then did we as comrades two, hie to the travelers bell.
We rang it loud to call the ship, in Qeynos we would dwell.
I wanted this barbarian lad sir, for my very own.
But he was oblivious sir, and he has never known.

In Willows Wood, among the trees I found a jolly Inn.
Clean and bright and quiet, I rented a room within.
Then I sought my warrior out, revealed to him my plan.
And said to him with voice so steady and with face so bland.

“Live with me, my dear, two can cheaply live as one.
We’ll save some coin, when all is said and done.”
"Crymsyn, you are the very best, can a warrior ask for more?
A true friend, and comrade… oh… but do you snore?

“Xandare, my dear,” I shook my head, “I have plans for thee.
Worry not, for they are not boring, and they are snoring free.”
That was then and this is now and still my warrior’s blind
To what I’ve thrown before him, and what’s on my mind.

‘Ware, my warrior for one day I shall sing thee my songs.
You shall find my love for thee powerful and strong.
A Rousing Tune I’ll sing thee and hope for Songster’s Luck
That Insatiable Ardor will rouse thy Blade and I will get a ……

Crymsyn is a character in EverQuest2 who's class and character description just lent itself to fantastic imagery and double entendres. The italicized phrases are the names of spells and skills in the game.

This poem still requires some work to tighten up the meter, but both she and I were pleased with the outcomes. Xandare reportedly went out and bought a duck for their room.