A Duet

Written from male and female counterpoints in the form of a duet in music.

At the Midnight Hour

At the midnight hour, when the night is still, I fly.
From my mother’s bower to another’s, in whose arms I lie.
While all of Norrath still lies sleeping, ‘tis sweet romance,
‘Til the dawning hour when stars are weeping, we dance.

Surprised with joy, love’s sweet surprise, thank Erollisi fair.
I smiled as desire shone from your eyes, and love, it grew there.
Your sweet words and warm embrace, my memories hold
Close to my heart, by Tunare’s grace, your hot kisses bold.

At the Noonday Hour

At the noonday hour, when Karana wills, the rains he brings.
Together in a ferny bower, our joy in life we sing.
Down your face the raindrops are weeping, and life is grand.
I kiss your lips, my heart a-leaping, ‘tis yours to command.

Framed with love, your face alight, my heart and soul a-fire,
Flames of passion burn with delight a dancing with desire.
Lovely enchantment I hold in my arms, Ah love! Thou art mine.
Close and closer, your body warm, kisses like sweet wine.

Imagery used from the world of EverQuest.

Erollisi is the Goddess of Love, Karana is the Rain God.