Another denizen of Norrath's Studio, Jennafae and Thetax kept readers in the Supporters area entertained for weeks as they had a "friendly battle."

When they finally called a truce, after spending hours on animated gifs making fun of each other, Joyce Carroll's Tweedledee and Tweedledum came to mind and I created:

Jennafae Silvertonge and Tethax Firestorm
Agreed to have a battle!
For Thethax said that Jennafae
Had spoiled his nice new rattle!

They battled long, they battled hard
And many salvos were fired
But animated gifs scarred the heroes so
A truce was called, they were tired

Jennafae was a complex enough character that a single poem just didn't do it. Or perhaps I just wasn't clever enough to make "Peanut Butter" fit into the meter. I ended up with verses as well as a ballad.

Through the trees of Kelethin,
The mists of the G'Faydark.
Jennafae the druid rides,
Naked and happy as a lark.

Silvered in moonlight, dancing nude,
Or laughing in the summer rain.
'tis Jennafae, Faerie and Woodelf,
Dabbling in magicks arcane.

Her tongue is sharp as is her sword,
Weapons both formidable.
Her wit sarcastic, her laughter dark,
Yet she could be amenable.

Who is this maid, this druid fair?
This healer, warrior beyond compare?
'Tis Jennafae dubbed Silvertongue,
Druid extraordinaire!

Jennafae's a complex elf.
I've often said it to myself.
She hugs the trees and loves the bears.
She fiercely loves and loudly swears.
She hates Brownies with a passion.
Fertilizer, their bones she'll fashion.
Oh, little people run away!
This way comes Miss Jennafae!
She will blast you and she'll strike you dead.
She'll grind your bones to make her bread.

Healer, mage and warrior all,
Jennafae just loves to brawl.
She gives the men a run for their money,
For this woodelf is no weak honey.
She'll live and die for her goddess Tunare
And trump you besides to be contrary.
What's her weakness? Her Achilles' heel?
Listen then, her demise I'll seal.
'tis Peanut Butter. Not chocolates or wine,
'round Peanut butter your plots design.

Peanut butter! Oh food divine!
Give it me and I'll be thine.
Tempt her, lure her, in your hand,
With Peanut Butter, you'll command!