Pipp the Warrior

Have you heard of Pipp?
Crazy, fun-loving Pipp?
Pipp who likes to shop?
Pipp who likes to hop?

Yes, I’ve heard of Pipp
Potion making Pipp
Shopping crazy Pipp
A fun little gnome that’s hip.

Then you know she loves the flowers
Gathering them after April showers
Then you know she’s a crazy puller
Two priests required! Keep her health fuller!

“Pipp! Pipp! Hooray! I’ve got four!”
Keep her alive and she’ll get more.
“Pipp! Pipp! Hooray! Keep her alive!”
So she can brew and she can jive!

Have you heard of Pipp?
Pipping, hipping, pulling Pipp?
Yes, I’ve heard of Pipp!
Hopping, shopping, bopping Pipp!


Pipp is a gnome in World of Warcraft who's just the cutest thing imaginable. A warrior in a dress and "Princess Leia buns" who loves shopping.