Tethax & Wyndgardium Firestorm

Tethax describes his character as "dashing, romantic and charismatic" and of the Erudite race - a race of "high men" in the mythology of Norrath. They are dark skinned and have evolved with high foreheads to contain their larger brains. His postings on the forum always contained that "old world gentlemanly, yet wicked" streak in him that I'm sure carried over into his role-play. Since his wife plays a High-Elven Enchantress, I could not resist but write a poem for them both.

O' Erud's halls are marble bright
And the seas are calm and warm
And you may sing in the gold sunlight
Of the wizard Tethax Firestorm.

As I rode by Erud's halls
Beneath the opal sky
A dashing man on the castle wall
Caught my roving eye.

I read him for a wizard bold
Casting artful spells.
Those beings of power old
That in Erud dwell.

In crimson robes, with burnished brand,
And polished forehead high
Casting magicks from his hand
Beneath the opal sky

Enchanted, I smiled and changed my form
And rode up bold as brass
No longer high-elf maiden warm,
I was an Erud lass.

"Oh, sir gallant, what doth you?"
He turned and smiling, replied:
"I seek enchantments and a maiden true
To be my wedded bride."

"Come with me wizard, come, my lord
I seek adventures bold
I shall protect you with shield and sword
With me you'll ne'er be cold."

"If wizard, thou would come with me
And leave both hall and town
A life of adventure lead shall we
Through mountains, vale and down."

He laughed and a dragon danced
Off his shoulders broad
I stared and smiled, all entranced
And then he called me fraud.

"I read you by your magic dress
By your skin so rare
That you are no Erud lass,
But my high-elf fair."

"You are my angel of delight
My loving bride to be
Who loves to play with tricks of light
But cannot hide from me."

O' if you ride by Erud's square
And you hear laughter warm
'tis Tethax and his lady fair
Wyndgardium Firestorm