Tryn Darkwind

Some stories simply write themselves and some character descriptions inspire ballad form. When I read Tryn's character description, I could not help but write a ballad. It practically begged me to write it.

Tryn Darkwind was a man of war,
His sword and breastplate oft thick with gore.
His arm was strong, his power dark,
He slaughtered Halflings as a lark.
Events in his youth had shaped this knight,
His love is destruction, disease and blight.
Cold distaste marks his hardened face,
There's only death in his embrace.
His laughter rings with evil tones,
His favorite pet a thrall of bones.
He'll steal the life from those he meets,
To salve a need for vengeance sweet.
He loves to see young Halflings die,
Run little Halfling, quickly fly.
When death and disease spread across the land,
You know Tryn Darkwind had a hand.
In ruining the lands once clear and bright,
That belonged to nature and the light.
Run little Halflings should you see,
Tryn Darkwind stride across the lea.
For this is a man of evil true,
A Shadow Knight that comes for you.