Walk with me

A poem written using the imagery of EverQuest

Walk with me, my heart, upon the sands of Ro.
I shall speak to thee of love while the balmy breezes blow.
Hear me as I tell you of my love, do not say me nay.
Allow my heart to soar, like a lark in the sunny clear of day.

If you let me love you, I shall leave you never.
If you let our love grow, I shall stay forever.
How can I leave the starlight in your eyes?
I shall stay as long as stars shine in the skies.

Come walk with me, my love, come fight by my side.
I shall protect you with sword and steel, with thee I shall abide.
I've fought with you the Goblins that over-run our lands.
I'll fight with you the Giants that roam o'er the sands.

Until the Timorous Deep is hollow and dry,
Until the sun no longer crosses the sky.
I pledge thee my heart, my soul's adulation.
Love me! Allow me this joyous elation.

Walk with me, my heart and hear the words I say.
I'll ne'er be tired of you, my love, do not say me nay.
Let me tell you of my love, my heart's adoration.
Fan this flame within me, love's conflagration.

I'll be tired of you when the stars, they stop gleaming.
I'll be tired of you when the world, it stops dreaming.
When Willowisps no longer haunt the plains.
When the light dies from Rathe's eternal flame.

Walk with me, my love, by the quiet shore.
Under the glow of stars, my dear, love me. Ever more.
Let our love take wing, our hearts take flight,
While Nightingales sing in the still of night.

Then in the still, still night, shall we as one,
Delight in Erollisi's* garden 'til night is done.