The Fier'dal, Yeroc

Yeroc is the Norrathian alter-ego of web artist Corey Galoneck. Check out his website and new comic!

After reading his character description, no other than Sir Walter Scott's "Lochinvar" came to mind. Below then, is a poem for the young Yeroc.

In Tunare's grove dwells a ranger fair
Tall and brave, and red of hair
His weapons were the epics twain
Granted him, by Tunare's 'ain
Brave was his heart, steadfast as rock
'Tis the dashing young Fier'dal, Yeroc

Sharp of eye and sure of hand
He was a master of the land
By Tunare's grace, a ranger true
Her servant he was, he paid his due
By his Goddess stood he, steadfast as rock
The handsome young Fier'dal, Yeroc

Flashing eyes of Hazel Gold
Wings of snow when they unfold
Hair and temper flaming red
Wrong him, you may lose your head
Ranger Protectorate, Tunare's rock
Have you e'er heard of the Fier'dal, Yeroc?